Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby gifts from wonderful friends

Just thought I'd post pictures of a couple of favorites so far.   Auntie Liza made the kimono style jams, aren't they cute?  I love love love them!
This past weekend my friend Janice gave us a baby gift (a chair for baby) and in the bag we also found a Spencer gift.  He was so excited!  It was a card with a wonderful handwritten note about how lucky this baby is to have Spencer for a big brother, and a sum of money for Spencer to buy 1) a book and 2) something else he thinks would be fun.  I so appreciate that some of our friends are including Spencer in all the baby excitement hoopla that is going on. 
I'm doing all I can think of to make him feel included and make the transition from being essentially an only child for ten years to having a brother living here as smooth as possible.  Thoughtfulness from friends and family is wonderful and helpful! 

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I like the 2nd gift, very adorable