Thursday, November 11, 2010

Capitol Christmas Tree 2010

Yesterday we were lucky to be able to participate in the festivities as the 2010 Capitol Christmas Tree traveled through on its way to Washington D.C.
The tree was only here during daytime/school hours but I decided to let Spencer miss an hour of school so we could go.  Really how often does something like this happen?  It is a little piece of history he'll be able to say he participated in.  Over the summer with both 4H and at home he worked on some of the ornaments that were sent from Wyoming to decorate this tree.  I think it was fun to see the actual tree our ornaments will hang on.
It was a really neat celebration to be part of.  I loved that one of the bands from the high school was there playing, between the music and the snow falling, the hot chocolate stand and the tree it really was a Christmas feeling in the air!  There were different tables set up selling food and treats to raise money for different programs here in the valley so we had lunch while we were there. We saw friends and visited, we were able to get a few pictures and appreciate being part of our country's holiday celebration.  A fun fun time.
We signed the banner and Grandpa bought Spencer a Wyoming Forever West hat that he was totally excited about (and me a giant hot chocolate mug :)

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