Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My first crush-no--my first love

.... hands down was Almanzo Wilder. First on T.V. (played by Dean Butler) then later in the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
The summer I was 4 years old I wore a "laura dress" all summer, had 2 braids and preferred to answer to 'Laura'. I was so going to marry Almanzo someday. They say you never get over your first love and I'm here to say that is true on many levels!
Secretly all these years I've still been in love with him. Almanzo is the epitome of the nice guy, hard worker, high integrity, sweet guy I've always wanted to be with.
Well, this week I had to admit to my husband that as totally in love with him I am I am also always going to love Almanzo.
The past week, on DVD, we have been watching season 6 of Little House on the Prairie and it has stirred wonderful emotions for me.

A few years after falling for Almanzo, when I discovered Anne of Green Gables, I had a similar experience with Gilbert Blythe from Lucy Maude Montgomery's books (and the show). But that was a tiny little crush compared to my ever burning love for Mr. Almanzo Wilder.

If you've seen John lately you probably assume he's going for the Dean Butler as Almanzo Wilder hair do. It is a coincidence. Or maybe its the hair I'm attracted to! haha.
I need to go to my parent's house and look through my old books, its time to reconnect with my inner Laura.


Nate and Emily said...

Ah, childhood romance is great, huh? I wasn't so big on Little House on the Prarie, but Almanzo is pretty hot!

Marci said...

Oh Dena, what a girl. I loved watching Little House and it makes me laugh to think of your crush on Almonzo. Too cute. I always thought that was such a funny name.
Hey I think Laura is a great name and if you want you can call me Ann with an E! My little Ember's middle name is Anne. No wonder she can have a fiery temper at times. I should have known better :)

P.S. I'm glad you get to go on fun dates with your hubby and it looks like you had a fantastic Christmas.