Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not everyone makes it to their own wedding right?

So John and I (luckily) eloped a while back so happily married we are. I say luckily because due to tear jerking details that I won't get into here, we missed our scheduled wedding. And seriously look how beautiful our cake and flower girls were! I hate that we missed the party and our guests and especially our flower girls but I'm certain there are worse things in the world than missing your reception. I'm just having a difficult time accepting that we missed all of our guests and the pictures! Why do these things if not for the pictures. (which reminds me...I have to call Allie tomorrow!)
We did get to see a few of our friends while they were in town but not many. To any of you that were here and we missed you and haven't apologized yet, we are truly sorry! (explanations to come and sincere tears were shed that we missed you, our party, our cake and those cute little nieces in matching dresses.)
And seriously, not one picture of my dress. Drats.


Jilly Bean said...

Congradulations! It may not have been the reception you had in mind, but the important thing is that you are married and can start your happily ever after together. It is fun to read your blog and see your new family, I hope we will be able to meet them in person one day! Take care and don't be a stranger! Love,
Jill (Your other mom)

Mendoza Family said...

Oh Dena,
Congrats on your wedding. I'm so sorry to hear about missing your reception. Just think what a story you will be able to tell your grandkids someday. I can only imagine how you must have felt. I really feel for you.
P.S. So fun to see the pictures of you and your girlfriends. So fun.
Also, I just wanted to tell you that YOU'RE IT. I TAGGED YOU ON MY BLOG.