Monday, September 27, 2010

This is what all the surfaces of the kitchen look like lately

 I feel like anytime anyone is over to visit I put them to work either watching or helping with this whole canning project going on.  And as 'practice' for next year I canned a couple of batches of peaches while holding my baby nephew, Gavin, most of the time.  The canning was already in mid-progress when Gavin's mommy called needing a babysitter for him and his siblings so they all joined the fun!  My hands evidently were too full of baby and canning stuff to hold a camera that day though.
Peaches, mangoes, tomatoes, strawberry jam, plum jam, peach jam and salsa, Done.  Pears and pear butter to be in the works later in the week.  Then maybe I'm done for the season.  Unless by some chance I run into great late, affordable raspberries.

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