Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging and summer don't mix

Between not having the much access to a computer and just being to busy out 'summering', blogging fell off the priority list this summer.  We're back now though!  We'll just have to see if anything exciting enough to blog about happens.

These pictures are from a couple of days before school started, I took the boy and his dog out to run and  play in the MUD and water at palisades.  My car has seen happier days but that boy and his dog were plenty happy to make up for it. The next day the dog got a much needed bath and haircut and is now waiting patiently to come live in the house again.

~A little update on baby: He's a He!  We're having a boy! Spencer really wants to name him Lloyd, the chance of that happening are very very doubtful, even though in utero we've started referring to him as Lloyd more than once.  Maybe it'll just be a very odd nickname?
He's moving so much now!  I love it, these wonderful few months when I can feel him and don't yet have to share him.  Last night Spencer was able to feel him ("just kind of" he said) for the first time.  It was a good birthday gift to me!

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