Saturday, July 14, 2012

18 months, wowza

18 months old.  A lot of firsts going on around here.  In the last month :
-first bonkered head enough to leave a big bump shortly followed by...
-first sucker (pure joyful giggles followed)
-first trip to the beach to play in the sand
-first long stretch of having his big brother gone and missing him a billion and looking for him every morning
-first live concert (this was a huge hit!  Much happy dancing)
-first wagon ride
-first times running through sprinklers on hot days (a favorite, now mommy has to be careful not to let go of him when we walk by any if she doesn't want a drenched bebe)
-first experience with shelling peanuts to eat then and THROW the shells as far as possible, great fun!
-first time going to throw big rocks in the lake (before this there has been rock throwing, and puddle rock throwing and maybe pond rock throwing but this was the first lake rock throwing with a great rock thrower friend who made big splashes that delighted this boy)
-And soooooon we'll add 'first time being a big brother" to this list.  Crazy crazy.

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