Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4-H camp

Last week we went to 4-H camp.  The kids had a blast.  The mosquitos had a feast.  The grownups wished they had time for a nap.  I came home with 2 Very tired kiddos and a painful sunburn.  All so worth it.  

There was never a lack of fun things to do.  3 days didn't feel long enough to the kids, they wanted to stay all week, and longer!
There were moments of nostalgia for me as this is the same camp that I went to for 4-H camp.  It made me miss being 12 for a minute.  (only for a minute).
The kids were blown away at how OLD the camp must be if Shar and I went there as kids (because we're SO very old:).
Spencer, Emmy and I stopped at Grandma Moon's when we left camp.  Here is what they did immediately after we got there.  (So did I, in another part of the house). 
Oh so tired, and the kids are already oh so excited to do it again next year.

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